Monday, May 23, 2011

newspaper art

I don't do a ton of commercial jobs, and that which i do are often not-completely-mine-enough to merit posting, but I thought this cover for a local weekly turned out ok. Here's the original watercolor I did for it: 

And here's it was post-editing on the stands:

It was illustrating an agricultural story about using only natural rainfall for wine crops, which is I guess the old-timey way. A detail in the story about how deep the roots will go in search of water when they have to struck me. I tried to strike an emotional tone that wasn't the default editorial cartoonist glib condemnation, which unfortunately is usually my first instinct. Bone-deep from growing up reading editorial cartoons. I tried to aim for a bit of compassion, this being a world we're all stuck making and living in, and not always aware of other  possibilities beneath our feet. 


Cory Thrall said...

so awesome, Trevor <3 love you :)

Alixopulos said...

Thank you CoryY!!