Saturday, November 1, 2014

October Ink

I decided to do that inktober thing where you draw something every day of october and post it. This was an easy decision because I decided to do it a few days before the end of october. These is they:



Friday, February 22, 2013

Make It Mercantile

I would be remiss if I didn't note a few things of a commercial nature.

1) I have an etsy store for original art:

2) I illustrated and contributed cocktail recipes to the vodka and gin volumes of "The Cocktail Hour" a charming manual from Scout Books. You can order a personalized set of vodka and gin by paypaling $10 to me at

3) I contributed an adaptation to vol.3 of "The Graphic Canon" from 7 Stories Press. Pre-order on Amazon:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Starting 2013 with my favorite music from 2012

I like to listen to music, but I miss a lot of it, so I always end up trolling the internet's year end best-of lists in the hopes of finding some gems. In the interest of paying it forward, here are twenty of my favorite pop songs of 2012. 

As will be obvious, I like to listen to a lot of disco-y club music when I'm drawing.


1. Show Me the Place - Leonard Cohen *I was surprised and affected by this album

2. Built For Love (feat. Romanthony) - Kraak and Smaak 
3. Home - Romy *i like the 'party girl' house sound of this
4. Warrior - Kimbra/A-Trak/Foster *this had such a big sound
5. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen 
6. Radioactive - Marina & the Diamonds *'having a psychotic break @ disco' genre
7. Do You... - Miguel
8. Ghost (Hey Champ Remix) - Gemini Club
9. Share My Love - R Kelly
10. Go Pressure (Peacetreaty Bootleg) - Starkillers & Alex Kenji
11. Let It Go - Dragonette *hard to decide between this and "Run Run Run"
12. The Keepers (The Knocks Remix) - Santigold
13. Constant Conversations - Passion Pit
14. Dirty Talk - Oliver *this came out early jan 2012 and I hoped the whole year would be like this
15. Body Work - Morgan Page ft Tegan and Sara
16. Beat of the Drum - Van She
17. Lets Go - Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo
18. Diamonds - Rihanna
19. Geronimo - The Knocks
20. Foreign Language (Feat. Jess Higgs) - Flight Facilities

honorable mention to stuff from Lower Dens, Grimes and Hot Chip.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

drinks all around

I contributed art and cocktail recipes to THE COCKTAIL HOUR, a series of pocket sized cocktail manuals from Good Ink/Scout Books. It's quite a nice little product for a reasonable price: 
I illustrated the "GIN" volume:


    New Release! | The Cocktail Hour: Rum, Vodka, & Gin 

What do you get when you mix favorite spirits, great contemporary bartenders, and add a dash of lively illustrations? The Cocktail Hour: Rum, Gin, & Vodka is a trio of single-spirit drink recipe guides from some of today's best bartenders and cocktail-savvy creatives. With a mix of fresh twists on classics and unique modern concoctions, each of these charmingly illustrated, pocket-sized volumes showcases over two dozen drink recipes. Throw in recipes for easy-to-make infused liquors and professional-grade tinctures and syrups, and you'll find that The Cocktail Hour: Rum, Gin, & Vodka is a perfect fit for novices and seasoned mixologists alike! Featuring cocktail recipes from Teardrop Lounge, Clyde Common, 12 Bottle Bar, KASK, Portobello, Metrovino, Beretta (SF), New Deal Distillery, Aviation Gin, Deco Distilling, and many more!

Illustrated by Tuesday Bassen, Anna Hurley, and Trevor Alixopulos.


Meanwhile, there are the usual sketchbook pages: 

Monday, October 8, 2012

stripped frippery

I haven't been drawing much because I've made a move down to Los Angeles, now I've moved and I have more time to draw but I have to spend this time looking for work, so just a small burst here:

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Anyways, here is a random page from my trevor trove of comics:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

in with the old

I dug through my old minis to scan and clean up "Do Tell," a punkish minicomic that I drew in 2003. Click image to read it: 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

fleurs du Mai

a sketchbook page to start things off:

I am contributing a comic to the third volume of the giant Graphic Canon series from Seven Stories Press. The series features cartoonists ranging from Robert Crumb to Andrice Arp to T Edward Bak to John Porcellino interpreting major works of Western literature. The third and final volume is out in October. Here's a detail from  my contribution: 

I'm also doing some fun illustrations from a book of cocktail recipes, more details TBA. Here are a couple of the spots: