Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SPX in Stockholm

I just spent a week in Stockholm, Sweden for the Swedish SPX and it was a great experience and a lovely city. I always expect that I'll do more drawing on trips than I end up doing and I'm frankly baffled and envious of those who manage it. It's like people who can get a bunch of heavy reading and writing done on long plane rides, I think they must be in business class or something because the best I can manage is some squirmy sleep and heavy-duty dissociation. 

But I did do a page or two of doodles in my sketchbook. Here's a triptych of Stockholm street fashion:

I did a lot of photo-taking, most of which ended up on Vanessa Davis's great flickr set of the trip. 

There was really too much great stuff and great people to go into all of it in what's essentially a sketchbook-dump-blog, but we were super grateful to our SPX-hosts Kristiina Kolehmainen, Johannes Klenell, as well as our house-hosts Austin English and Clara Bessijelle Johansson for letting us stay with them.   

Some good accounts of the show here: 



Vanessa Davis, Dash Shaw & MK Reed

Simon Gärdenfors, far left

Shannon O'Leary, Gabrielle Bell

Eric Reynolds, Shaw

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