Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hot Breath of War trading cards

Well, not really, but I did some more watercolors featuring characters from THBOW. It's nice getting to spend more time with the characters, and also add some details and maybe clues to the narrative. Click on the images to enlargenate:

"Can I See Some I.D.?" ink and watercolor

"Xochitl and Her Dad" ink and Watercolor

"Engle Makes a Call" ink and watercolor

Kritical Korner: Rob Clough of Sequart reviews The Hot Breath of War here.


zack soto said...

Total Xochitl crush.

Alixopulos said...


Time Waster said...

Hey how you been Trev? don't see you posting much at TCJ your art looks great it looks like you improved alot. This is the Fuka monster.

Alixopulos said...

Hey Cory, good to hear from you! I'm doing ok, thanks I'm trying to get better at the art. Right now I'm avoiding internet posting (except on my own blog) for the sake of my own mental health and artistic prowess.