Thursday, May 22, 2008

Picayune Fricasee: news bits & watercolors

I've been doing some small postcard-sized watercolors based around themes and scenes from my new graphic novel The Hot Breath of War, here are a few of them in-progress, click to enlarge:

###The Hot Breath of War makes its east coast debut at the Mocca Festival for Comic Art in New York City June 7. HBOW snuck into the Stumptown Comics Fest by the skin of its teeth and became a "buzz book" of the show, or so says this account from the dailycrosshatch: ...I had a great time in Portland, where the streets are thick with cartoonists in various states of distress, undress and intoxication.

###HBOW REVIEWED! Tom Spurgeon of The Comics Reporter got a freshly printed copy of HBOW at Stumptown and wrote the very first review of it right here:

###My previous graphic novel Mine Tonight is now available from Diamond Comics Distributors. Your local comic store can order it from their Previews Catalog.

###Finally, everyone in the Bay Area who cares about comic books is very sad about the passing of Rory Root, proprietor of Comic Relief. Rory was a force of nature, who could gently water your comics crops or rock you like a hurricane if you happened to catch him while he was outside smoking. He was unceasingly generous and acutely aware, in the best way, of how his store provided the solid base for an array of aspiring Bay Area cartoonists.


Joe Chiappetta said...

You have a fantastic style to your drawings. I love the surreal elements in your work.

Alixopulos said...

Thanks so much Joe!