Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gearing Up Hot Breath Hype

Some items and details slowly emerging, as from the murky waters of an eightball. "The Hot Breath of War" graphic novel is officially going to print, and this here is a promotional postcard for it. Please print up thousands of these on your home computer, on glossy paper, and then dump them on the bathroom floor of the nearest Taco Bell:

Plans are still in the works and in the eightball as to promotional happnins, release parties, gladhanding and the like. My first comics-event of the year is a reading for the gala opening party for the Stumptown Comics Fest , at Guapo Comics & Coffee, Portland, OR APRIL 25th 2008 8pm.
Presented by Guapo Comics and Coffee (6416 SE Foster Road, Portland PH#503-772-3638)and Sparkplug Comic Books the party will include an awards presentation, free food, a book premiere and a comics reading including myself, Sarah Glidden (How To Understand Israel
in 60 Days), Julia Wertz (Fart Party), Minty
Lewis (PS Comics), Austin English (Windy Corner), Theo Elsworth (Capacity),
Jason Shiga (Bookhunter), Liz Baillie (My Brain Hurts) and more.

That's all for now, more soon, hopefully!


littlebird said...

beautiful, awesome book!

Alixopulos said...

thank you LP! I'm excited to draw again together soon...