Monday, June 1, 2009

Works in Progress

A couple of watercolors on cold press that are still in progress, I'll post the finished versions when they're done. Click em to enlarge:

Scene of Mason from The Hot Breath of War, color still to be added

This is a commissioned little piece for a friend who wanted an image of her with her french bulldog in a medieval unicorn kinda thing.

Also, this Saturday in New York at Giant Robot I have some pieces in the way cool all cartoonists show, "Panelists" If you're in NYC come check it out, it should be a great show and a fun opening.

The follow-up to the popular series puts a spotlight on indie-comics creators from across the country, ranging from stapled-and-folded stars of DIY to art-gallery superstars. The show will feature original illustrations, paintings, mixed-media work, and special surprises from an assortment of contributors--including many Eisner and Ignatz Award nominees and winners. This event coincides with the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art Festival, and is slated to include:

Trevor Alixopulos Andrice Arp Nate Beaty Jeffrey Brown Lilli Carre Christine Castro Martin Cendreda Shawn Cheng Devin Clark Eleanor Davis Mike DeNicola
Nate Doyle Theo Ellsworth Austin English Matt Furie Joseph Guillette Tim Hensley David Horvath Rama Hughes Jeaux Janovsky Levon Jihanian Hellen Jo Claire Johnson Blaise Larmee Minty Lewis David Magdalene Mats!? James McShane Dan Moynihan Kiyoshi Nakazawa Tom Neely Molly Colleen O'Connell John Porcellino Emilio Santoyo Rob Sato Daria Tessler Peter Thompson Jeremy Tinder Steven Weissman Julia Wertz Calvin Wong
รข€¦and more!

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